Phoenix Laser Tattoo removal in Bolton

Phoenix Laser Removal is situated within the Naughty Needles Tattoo Studio. We are fully health registered with the local council and LPA (Laser Protection Agency) accessed and approved. The procedure is carried out by our fully qualified laser technician who is trained to the highest standard. Our opening times are 10am till 7pm Tuesday and Wednesday and 10am till 5pm Thursday to Saturday.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The laser that we use is a Q-Switch ND-YAG. This particular laser produces two different wavelengths of light. The first is measured at 1064nm and this one is used to target the black, grey, purple and dark blue inks. The other wavelength is 532nm.

Laser Fat Reduction

Non invasive laser liposuction that has taken the cosmetic world by storm. This method offers painless fat reduction and body sculpting. The two main benefits here include quick visible results and that non invasive laser lipo sculpture is completely safe with no down time.

Our Credentials

image of certificates for laser safety management course image of certificates for aestetic laser and IPL training image of certificates for Sigma lumislim pro low level laser lipolysis sytem